Advantages of SARS eFiling

Using SARS eFiling saves time

Today time just seems to fly by unnoticed and before we know what is going on the day has already passed. Filing your tax returns is an annual exercise we all have to do.

As it is now so many people leave it till the last possible moment and then do their returns. This can be very costly as a single mistake could possibly cost you thousands of Rands.

It is much easier to make use of a tax consultant and just make sure they have all the related documentation. Then you can get to the things that are important in your life.

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A huge time saver: No more queues and parking problems

Always available: Access eFiling online 24/7/365

Environmentally friendly, less paper is used

eFilers are given more time to submit their documentation and payments

Faster processing cycle for individuals and businesses

Access a full history of all submissions and payments

Submit a variety of tax returns including VAT, Income tax, Provisional Tax, SDL and PAYE.

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