eFiling Tax Returns

What does the minus sign on my SARS eFiling mean?

The Minus sign on SARS eFiling means they owe you money There is for some lucky people a minus sign appearing on their IT34 notice. As I said this is …

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Tax Return

The Step-By-Step Of Completing Your Income Tax Return Need help with your tax return? Contact us now for professional tax return help. If you received an income equal to or …

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Tax Filing

The Tax Filing Season Is Here It is that time of the year again; tax filing has officially begun. Employers need to finish collating additional information required by SARS in …

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Provisional Tax Return Forms

Provisional Tax Return Forms SARS No Longer Sends Provisional Tax Return Forms Automatically If you are a provisional taxpayer (a person who receives income not subject to employee tax) and …

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Income Tax Filing

Attention Employers: Income Tax Filing Season is here! Be notified that the SARS income tax filing for employers 2010 has officially started 1 April 2010 and concludes 31 May 2010. …

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eFiling Tax Returns homepage

Get Familiarised With eFiling Tax Returns To SARS Need assistance with SARS eFiling? Then contact us for easy tax solutions SARS eFiling Explained eFiling was introduced by SARS in 2004 …

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eFiling Tax Return

eFiling Tax Return 2016/2017 SARS EFiling Tax Returns Keeping up to date with SARS, especially the different types of tax regulations and dates, is far from an easy task. These …

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eFiling Income Tax

I’m sure this thought has crossed your mind before: ‘what if my employer submits the wrong IRP5 data to SARS?’ Because if the wrong information is submitted, you could be …

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Advantages of SARS eFiling

Using SARS eFiling saves time Today time just seems to fly by unnoticed and before we know what is going on the day has already passed. Filing your tax returns …

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