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SARS eFiling Explained

eFiling was introduced by SARS in 2004 with a primary goal in mind: to simplify the process of manual tax submissions by replacing it with a secure, online facility.

With eFiling, tax payers no longer have to stand in long queues to submit their tax returns or for various other SARS transactions. Tax payers simply log onto the Internet, create a secure online SARS user account and they can perform various tax transactions such as registration, submission of forms, tax returns and payments amongst other things.

The eFiling tax service is available to anyone, from businesses, tax practitioners to individuals, and is absolutely free of charge.

Ever since the SARS eFiling service entered the market 10 years ago it has grown from strength to strength, and has shown tremendous popularity amongst users. Almost 2 million individuals submitted tax returns via eFiling in 2008 and over 7.5 million businesses and practitioners submit their returns via the Internet each year.

eFiling Tax Services

A variety of tax returns like PAYE, Income Tax, VAT, UIF, SDL, STC and Provisional Tax can be submitted and processed via eFiling.

Other eFiling tax services include:

Secondary Tax on Companies


Advanced Tax Ruling

Request for Tax Clearance Certificate

Tax practitioner registration

Tax Calculators

VAT Vendor Search

Security Transfer Tax

Air Passenger Tax Payments, amongst others.

How you can benefit through eFiling

With eFiling there is no need to stand in long queues, worry about limited office hours or put in leave to do your tax duties. Simply log onto the Internet and perform all your SARS tax transactions from the convenience of your house or any other destination with Internet access.

If you are registered for eFiling you are allowed more time to make submissions and payments.  If you are a VAT registered business you can make payments up to the last day of each month.

With SARS eFiling you can view your account history such as payments made or outstanding, submissions and correspondence with SARS.

You can receive a SMS or e-mail notification for submissions due.

Register for eFiling

Join the other 9.5 million eFiling tax users by registering for eFiling today.

Go to the SARS website, click on eFiling and hit the ‘Register tab.

Choose a username and password.

Log in with your secure username and password and you have access to your own, private eFiling Tax Profile.

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