Income Tax Filing

Attention Employers: Income Tax Filing Season is here!

Be notified that the SARS income tax filing for employers 2010 has officially started 1 April 2010 and concludes 31 May 2010. That means all employers should now be busy, and almost finish with collating the additional information fields required by SARS in the 2010 Employer’s Filing Season.

The new SARS e@syFile version

SARS continuously improves its tax filing processes and procedures to simplify usability for both employers and employees. One of those simplified processes is the new version of e@syFile that has recently been launched. It simplifies the lives of employers, by making submissions all the more easier.

As of 1 April 2010 all employers are required to make submissions using the latest version. Earlier versions of e@syFile will not be accepted. Employers can download the new version from the 1st of April from the SARS website (

Remember: It is crucial that employers only start submissions 1 April 2010 and not one day earlier. No late submissions will be accepted after 31 May 2010.

Printing and Issuing of Tax Certificates

Employers can only start printing and issuing IRP5/IT3(a) tax certificates to employees after 31 May after all the PAYE reconciliations have been submitted, generated on SARS e@syFile. This can be done via SARS eFiling or manually on a disk.

A lot of companies are uncertain whether they should include their employees’ personal tax reference numbers. The rule is as follows.

If an employee’s annual income is less than R60 000, they don’t need to apply for a tax reference number and therefore are not required to submit the information.

An employee who earns more than R60 000 per annum should register for an income tax reference number. Registration can be done by completing an IT77 along with the required supporting documentation.

The new e@syFile version allows employers to verify their employees’ income tax reference numbers, and register employees for a tax reference numbers who haven’t applied for one yet. This value-adding service will be available from 1 September 2010.

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