Provisional Tax Return Forms

Provisional Tax Return Forms

SARS No Longer Sends Provisional Tax Return Forms Automatically

If you are a provisional taxpayer (a person who receives income not subject to employee tax) and still waiting for your tax return form to arrive in the post, you are going to wait forever. SARS no longer issue these tax forms automatically. Provisional taxpayers must now be proactive and request their own return from SARS. They must then complete it, make a payment where required and submit it to SARS, even if it is a nil return. The first return was already due on the 31st of August.

How to collect a provisional tax return form

Provisional taxpayers can request their tax return form via eFiling. It is by far the easiest route, however you must be registered for eFiling. If you aren’t registered for eFiling, taxpayers must collect a form from their closest SARS office. If you do not request your professional tax return form from SARS you could be held liable to a penalty and interest.

If you are aged under 65 and your taxable income is below the current tax threshold of R57 000, or if the taxable income (after exemptions) with regards to interest, dividends and rental income is not more than R20 000 ou do not have to request a provisional tax return form from SARS.


For persons older than 65 with taxable income less than R120 000 and their taxable income were from interest, dividends and rentals, they are exempt from completing a provisional tax form.

Don’t frustrate yourself trying to get hold of your form or struggling to complete.

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