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When to Consider a Tax Attorney

Before you hire the services of a tax attorney it would be wise to call a tax specialist from Tax Relax. Many tax problems may seem to require the services of a tax attorney and this is not always the case. Most tax problems can successfully be resolved by tax practitioners.

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A tax attorney is a lawyer who specialises in the complex and technical field of tax law. Tax lawyers are well familiarised with all SARS regulations and procedures, and know the tax law by heart. If you are facing technical and complex tax legal issues, tax attorneys can sort it out for you.

We’ve tried to make it as easy as possible for you to determine whether you need the services of a tax attorney. That is why we have listed a couple of situations in which you’ll need to hire a tax attorney to assist you.

International business affairs

If you are entering into international business, you’ll need assistance pertaining to tax treatment, contracts and other foreign legal matters.

Starting your own business

It is absolutely imperative that if you decide to start your own business you speak to a tax attorney with regards to the business structure and tax treatment whether it is a sole proprietary, partnership, close corporation or company.

Suit against SARS

For whichever reason you are planning to sue SARS, you cannot try to go into it alone. You’ll need the professional advice and assistance of a tax attorney.

Tax fraud

If you have committed tax fraud you will need protection of privilege.

Taxable estate

If you own taxable estate, and faced with complex estate planning strategies or need to file an estate tax return.

Criminal investigation

When you’re under criminal investigation by SARS you absolutely must get a professional and trustworthy tax attorney that can handle your case for you. A tax attorney will handle your case best to your advantage because they are equipped with up to date tax law.

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