Tax Consultants

Tax consultants, where do you find a good one and especially a person (or organisation) you can trust? When you are on a simple, fixed salary income, tax calculations aren’t that complicated. But if you have a small business, work on a freelance basis, receive added benefits such as car instalments and petrol allowance, your tax situation can become a little more complicated. If you are in such a situation, it is especially important to call in the help of a professional tax consultant.

Trustworthy Tax Consultants

Most importantly when looking for a tax consultant, you need someone who you can entrust your finances to. So here are a few helpful tips in finding a trustworthy tax consultant.

When you’re looking for a tax consultant, don’t wait until tax season starts. Be proactive and start looking well in advance. Professional and reliable tax consultants will be extremely busy at the time tax season starts, and chances are good they are already fully booked and/or will take them a while to get back to you.

Always consult with friends and family in a similar situation. Find out who does their taxes. It is always hard to beat personal experience, and you can be guaranteed a truthful opinion.

First determine exactly what type of tax help you need. If you simply need someone to help you fill out your tax return, a tax preparer will suffice. It is also relatively expensive.

A tax consultant on the other hand provides much more, including advice on how to structure your business to reduce taxes. A tax consultant can also offer advice on how to create a retirement plan for your small business to shelter income from taxes while planning for your future. Tax consultants generally also charge per hour, which can be quite expensive. So it is advised to budget for this very important expense.

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