What does the minus sign on my SARS eFiling mean?

The Minus sign on SARS eFiling means they owe you money

There is for some lucky people a minus sign appearing on their IT34 notice. As I said this is good news because it means they owe you money.

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Of course if there is nothing you owe them money. If this seems out of context with your salary and you do not agree please contact us and we will have a look at how you can possibly pay less.

Before we can do that however we will need to see your taxes and do an audit before attempting to contact SARS.

Here is an answer to a question posted about the minus sign on the SARS eFiling form:

Riveting stuff, especially for those overseas (not), but there really needs to be a website devoted to these sort of things. An SA FAQ or something similar with straightforward answers to simple questions. I’m not going to do it, but I am going to do this one. And maybe one about what time the booms at Kenilworth Station are closed each day. That would also be helpful.

But anyway, without further ado:


A MINUS SIGN on your IT34 Notice of Assessment form SARS MEANS THAT THEY OWE YOU some money.

Look for the line:

Net amount refundable under this assessment                          -1234.56

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